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The Bromsgrove League gets harder and harder to predict every season given the amazing amount of teams that continue to come to the League and having five divisions was an unexpected move by the decision makers.

It also makes it difficult for me to see every team and i'll be honest that during this pre-season, i have not seen at least half a dozen teams so some of these predictions are guesswork as opposed to my usual proven scientific methodologies.

I've been out and about at your matches and training sessions, undercover in many cases and sometimes for only half the time in between my studying and using contacts to find out what's happening with the teams, but this will be another good season for the League. There are some very good teams out there.

I'll be at matches for the next 40 Sundays in the League - If you see me, do come and say hello.

Good luck to all the teams - Hope you find my prediction for your team to your liking.

The Stoat

A shame there are only 9 teams as i assume Rubery Athletic would have been in the Premier had they not dropped out
There are going to be some very tight matches in the Premier this season, all to play for.
1) Austin Ex Apprentices - Quality side and proven winners. Will have to work hard to win games but expect them as Champions in May
2) Highgate Dynamos - Depends how many of their big players play. Could get off to an absolute flyer then get caught by Austin
3) BGIS Fairfield - Take away the top two sides and they'd be winning - Saw them play Sport Grapevine - Always score goals freely
4) Black Horse - Although their managers have left, such a great club will always get a good team out - But this is a rebuilding period
5) Chaddesley Corbett - Fairly settled and have a good club infrastructure in place - Just not quite good enough for top places yet
6) Pilkington Sunday - Might not be much between 4th and 9th this season - Mid table will be Pilkingtons' end of season place
7) Meadow Park - Great facilities at their pitch but don't know what type of team they have this season. Can't see runners up again
8) Red Lion - Saw Red Lion last season and perhaps they will conceed a few too many goals at this level to finish any higher
9) Rubery - Young lads and losing 4-1 to Quinton last week in front of my own eyes wasn't the best omen. Defensive worries.
Dark Horse: BGIS Fairfield - Will any of the established Fairfield Villa players join them to give them a boost? 

Another good division and nice to see a mix of existing, promoted and new teams to look at. I'll be watching this league closely
1) AFC Northfield - All of the Dugmores should really be winning this division and i expect them to do so
2) Bromsgrove Athletico - Really plugging this team to make a step forward this season and could push AFC Northfield very close.
3) Hawthorns - Only recently found out this team have changed name and are playing at Illey Lane which will suit their style of play.
4) Avenue - New team who haven't lost in pre-season; But it could take time for them to gel/get used to the division in my opinion
5) Wychbold RBL - Have let me down last few seasons but such a strong club, they are due a decent season
6) Sporting Grapevine - Will make progress this season but they have too many off-days to be predicted any higher
7) Norton Athletic - A new team i know nothing about - Must be ok to be placed in Division 1 so a lower half finish the best for them
8) Sporting Club Redditch - Much harder than last season and could struggle to keep the goals out in this division
9) Quinton Athletic - Someone has to finish bottom! They need to get off to a flyer or they could lose confidence quickly
Dark Horse: Avenue - Potentially will make a mockery of their prediction but just think they are a next season team

Alot of familiar names in this division so i know alot about them from previous seasons. Very confident predictions here.
1) Studley Lions - Team that thrives on winning - A surprise inclusion in Div 2 as they are a Div 1 team in my opinion. The Champs
2) Bromsgrove Corinthians - This might come as a surprise but if the two strikers are still playing, then no reason why they can't do well
3) Awkies Allstars - It's now or never for this set of lads. Talented but tend to have a bad month which they'll need to avoid this time
4) Redditch United Sunday - Still a very young team and could do with a couple of older blokes in the team - But will do well
5) Winyates - Flip of a coin between them and Awkies - Always a competitive team but just not quite threatening the top dogs
6) Hizza United - Quite often flatter to deceive and have strange results but their games are always entertaining with goals both ends
7) Chaddesley Ravens - Don't know anything about this team but from Chaddesley's setup so should be ok for mid-table
8) Spa Athletic - It's always a struggle to keep the goals out over the course of a season and this will be the downfall again
9) Stoke Works - Saw a friendly on the 3G pitch and they looked a patch of last season's team. Will end up relegated.
Dark Horse: Winyates - Will need to get off to a strong start but have been together a long time so may finally come good - Have i underestimated them?
(Editor Note - We have gone back to Stoat to inform him of Rubery Sunday Juniors late inclusion in the League and how they have left Redditch United Sunday - He'll get back to us after the weekend with a prediction for them and any revisions necessary)

Think the bottom two divisions are wide open and all to play for - Anyone can probably beat anyone and these predictions have been hard
1) Cofton Old Boys - In possession of a couple of very good players for the level and if they find consistency, will be hard to stop
2) Chaddesley Pensioners - If their legs hold up, then they've more than enough footballing ability to do well
3) Crown Athletic - Lots of potential in the Crown squad if they can keep their heads; It's an 'if' but prepared to chance they'll be up there
4) Kings Norton Sporting - Very much like Chaddesley, they've more than enough about them to do well in this league legs permitting
5) Arrow Valley - On paper quite a low prediction, but just got a feeling it will be harder this season for several reasons
6) Royal Eagles - New team and had some good pre-season results; But as a new team, it takes time to settle and gel together
7) Rubery Legends - Very talented but have a self-destruct button that's pressed too often, where raging arguements spoil their chances
8) Lickey End Social - Another new team who may need some time before we see what they are truly capable of
9) Hewell - Could be set for two relegations in two seasons but as ever, nobody knows anything about them and who is playing this year
Dark Horse: Kings Norton Sporting - Have an inkling they could actually be really good so watch out for them.

New division and with the bottom sides from last year's Div 3 meeting new clubs, could definitely be a split between Top 4/Bottom 4

1) Meadow Park Youth - Could outrun alot of teams on their big pitch and really should be winning this - Big chance
2) Millfield Rovers - Well known club name in Bromsgrove football but should do better as they've been together a long time
3) Bromsgrove Academicals - Looking at their players signed up, a few surprise names but players who could help them to third place
4) Stoke Prior - Again squad listings tell me their squad is better than last year and perhaps wooden spoon won't be this year's target
5) Redditch Borough - Brand new side but from a big club with big ambitions - Who knows what will happen but should be solid mid-table
6) AFC Norton - New team that i don't know anything about - But do like teams named 'AFC' so they'll do for 6th place
7) Catshill - Another team there is little information to work with to form a prediction that can be justified
8) Bromsgrove Raiders - Pretty much as per AFC Norton and Catshill. Maybe one to review at xmas time.

Dark Horse: Redditch Borough - Club is forming a good reputation in the community and could attract players if doing well


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