The Stoat


Austin 4-2 Bromsgrove Corinthians
Quinton Athletic 4-1 Broughsons
Cofton Old Boys 1-6 Longbridge Social
Studley Swan 3-7 Meadow Park


Another good set of leagues formulated within the Bromsgrove League - Not sure if anyone noticed but i predicted the winners of 4 divisions last season - Who keeps saying i talk rubbish?

For this season, the usual methodologies of guesswork and proven scientific theories have again been applied and i am hopeful of being correct once again.

I've been out and about at your matches and training sessions, undercover in many cases and sometimes for only half the time in between my studying and using contacts to find out what's happening with the teams, but this will be another good season for the League. There are again some excellent teams and some sneaky teams who are probably better than they have made out!

I'll be at matches all season - I am going to two Division 2 matches this Sunday.

Good luck to all the teams - Hope you find my prediction for your team to your liking.

The Stoat

A prediction will not be made due to only two teams being in the League and with how the Premier is being run this season.
In all honesty, wide open and a good mix of teams - Will be a decent watch this season

1) Bromsgrove Athletico - Proved they could mix it last season but do need to get their best team out every week to be sure of winning
2) Hawthorns - Summer recruitment has gone well but always seem to find a way to just fall short
3) Chaddesley Corbett Ravens - Might be underestimating them but a well organised young team to watch
4) Winyates - Always there or thereabouts but need to stop throwing away silly points
5) Bartley Green Owls - Could well be higher but a solid first season definitely on the cards
6) Rubery Sunday Juniors - Will score and conceed goals in equal measures but do lack some consistency
7) Kings Heath Albion - Not seen this team in pre-season so this is a guess as to their ability
8) Bromsgrove Corinthians - Rumours of plenty of change at the club and could be set for lower mid-table
9) Arrow Valley - Couple of very nice players but need to get off to a good start or could be a downward spiral
10) Hizza United - Ended in a real slump last season and despite strong club foundations, this could be a long season
Dark Horse: Chaddesley Corbett Ravens - An improving side with alot of unknown youngsters. 

The division of death once again - At least 6 teams are capable of winning this in my opinion
1) Meadow Park Youth - Strengthened with several first team players, i am predicting a quick fire double title win
2) SHTP - The word is out there that these guys are the big dangers to any title winners - Let's see what happens
3) Cofton Old Boys - Might not be quite ready to win anything, but won't be far away, good squad of players
4) Longbridge Social - Should have enough to hold their own and could do much better than many predict
5) Solihull Moors - Did well at the end of last season and moving under the 'Solihull' banner will definitlely help them
6) Lickey End Social - Solid midtable marker team - Could improve rapidly as season goes on
7) Broughsons - Redditch League newcomers who will score lots of goals but could get found out defensively
8) Studley Swan - Solid first season in this league and should hold their own being so well run
9) Chaddesley Pensioners - The old legs keep on going but for how much longer? Could win and lose heavily in equal measures
10) Quinton Athletic - Always seem to throw away games and whilst they'll be more competitive than before, this is still a tough division
11) Redditch Borough 'A' - Still early days for these youngsters and probably need some more experienced heads around the place
12) Rubery Legends - Must cut out the on field arguing to stay competitive - Play their home pitch really well mind which will help them 
13) South Birmingham - I will admit there is no knowledge on my behalf of this new team and this prediction could be badly wrong come end of season
Dark Horse: Longbridge Social - The proper sense of 'dark horse' - A team to keep an eye on.
Another competitive division where a few surprises are likely but the pointers favour a strong winner 
1) Royal Eagles - Being kept down this season will really help them - Good squad and i think they'll win it
2) Catshill - Need to keep their cool on the pitch but have the squad to do well
3) AFC Norton - Solid first season as a club and more to come from them this season
4) Bromsgrove Academicals - Have got some solid foundations to work with and another decent season ahead
5) Bartley Reds Sunday - May do better than predicted but as a new team, may take some time to gel
6) British Memorial - Not expecting fireworks whatsoever but should be competitive and make an impact
7) Hewell - Always impossible to know where they will end up so going for a mid table finish
8) Millfield Rovers - Last season was too bad to be true and better is expected this time
9) SO Goose - Done 'ok' in pre-season and should give most teams a run for their money if not quite good enough
10) Stoke Prior - Always flatter to deceive and one day will surprise everyone, but difficult to know when this will be
11) Redditch Borough Sunday - In a good club structure but might need a season to settle down and build for next year
12) Redditch United Sunday - Someone has to be bottom and an enthusiastic squad may not be enough to prevent this
Dark Horse: British Memorial - Early season momentum is everything and a good start could take them higher 

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